Biasiswa JPA – Program Pelajar Cemerlang (PPC)

Scholarship Info

Applicants are invited to apply for the JPA-sponsored degree students to continue their studies at masters and doctoral degrees in various fields at universities identified by the Public Service Department (PSD) under the Excellent Student Program (PPC) of 2020.


Open – 10 February 2020 | Close – 16 February 2020


General Requirements

  • Malaysian citizen is not more than 26 years of age for Master’s degree studies and 30 years of age for PhD level of studies on the year of application;
  • Students were JPA/ PSD sponsored students at the stage of their first degree
  • Students who are eligible to apply are students who graduated with their first degree from 2016 until the closing date of this application for this sponsorship where it is intended allow time for students achieve enrolment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or Doctorate level;
  • Students have received conditional / unconditional offer from university and pursuing studies on a full-time basis. The list of universities can be found on Lampiran A
  • Students must have graduated in fixed time and never had any extension during their first degree.
  • Students must commence their studies before or at the age of 31 as of December 2019;
  • The Masters Degree program applied is not rated the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree for the purpose of selection into the Public Service Department. For example, the Government has set that the Master of Engineering (M.Eng) qualification from the universities in the United Kingdom considered at the same level as a Bachelor’s Degree or RIBA Part II for the study of architecture whereby it is considered equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree and not a Master’s.
  • Have 12 months remaining for Masters programme or 24 months for a PhD programme.

Specific Requirements

  • Obtained First Class Degree or minimum CGPA of 3.75 or equivalent during the firt degree or Masters level, inside the country or abroad.
  • Non-sponsored fields of study are medical, dentistry, pharmacy, education, nursing, courses that require students to take flight licenses and professional courses such as ACCA, LINUX and CLP.


How to Apply

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